CHOICES: Getting the Most Out Of Every Moment On Stage

Bringing songs and stories alive is all about choices. In this interactive workshop, Matt Watroba will show you the choices great performers make to connect with an audience. Participants will then be encouraged to apply what they’ve learned in a short performance delivered to the class. This workshop promises to be a safe, friendly place where beginners and professionals alike will benefit from the wisdom of the instructor and the group. Phrasing, style, performance techniques, stage presence and stage fright are just a few of the areas this workshop will explore on the way to wowing any audience with the power of live performance.

This workshop is perfect for:
–musical performers
–Public Speakers
–anyone wishing to better connect with a live audience

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"Outstanding! Matt is incredibly good at bringing out the best in performers. His critiques

are invariably kind, supportive, and hugely helpful. I cannot say enough about this class."

"Matt is such a great coach. Very supportive, but critical with suggestions that work for

each individual- not just “this is how it works for me, it will work for you.”

"This class was the most helpful out of all the classes. It was a lot of fun performing in

that class and it boosted my confidence a lot and will really help me in public."

"Constructive and encouraging, while pretty scary. I signed up because Matt was

teaching, and didn’t understand it was about performance, which fairly terrifies me.

Worthwhile because it got me to face fears (once again)."